Trump Taj Mahal Atlantic City Shutdown Moving Ahead

Trump T<span id="more-5913"></span>aj Mahal Atlantic City Shutdown Moving Ahead

The Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City has begun the process of shutting down, beginning with the closing of one casino tower.

The Trump Taj Mahal has entered the first stages of a shutdown, even while the Atlantic City resort continues to talk to union representatives and state officials about deals the property’s owners say could save the casino.

Trump Entertainment filed a petition last week looking for authorization to formally close the casino on the scheduled December 12 date that has been floated for some time now, and actions working towards that closing started to take destination on Monday this week.

The signs that are first the resort could be headed for a shutdown began on Monday, if the Chairman Tower associated with hotel was closed. The Chairman may be the newer of the two hotel towers at the resort. In addition, the casino has stopped issuing credit to customers, though gambling and hotel services are otherwise uninterrupted for the full time being.

Concessions Wanted from Government, Unions

Trump Entertainment Resorts has said that the casino could remain open through a transfer of ownership to investor Carl Icahn. However, both the business and Icahn have said that this could only take place should they could receive income tax breaks from Atlantic City and their state of New Jersey, and if they could get concessions from the labor union that represents employees at the casino.

Neither the government nor the union has shown much of a desire to surrender to these demands. However, talks have been ongoing and there may be some signs of movement within the last few days, that could offer at least a glimmer that is small of to those who want to see the Taj Mahal stay static in company.

Local 54 of the UNITE-HERE union, which represents about 2,700 employees at the resort, has been appealing a bankruptcy court decision that could break the present agreement between the union and Trump Entertainment, which would in turn enable the company to get rid of payments towards the union health fund and retirement plans.

Icahn has publicly stated he would be willing to accept restore those health advantages for at the very least two years and create a new pension policy for workers, but only if they in turn will drop their appeal of the bankruptcy court ruling. The union has yet to comment on whether they would accept this type of deal.

New Legislation Could Provide Tax Relief

Meanwhile, a new little bit of legislation introduced on Tuesday by State Senate President Steve Sweeney (D-3rd District) and State Senator James Whelan (D-2nd District) would provide a few of the tax relief that Icahn and Trump Entertainment happen lobbying for. The new bill would enable Atlantic City’s casinos to pay $150 million in place of their normal tax payments on the next couple of years, while additionally redirecting money originally made for redevelopment jobs to help pay down Atlantic City’s debt.

While the tax relief has some features in normal with exactly what the Taj Mahal has been asking for from the state, Trump Entertainment CEO Robert Griffin would just say that ‘ we are going to see’ if the bill would be enough to keep the Taj Mahal open.

The bill would also help secure some for the demands being produced by casino worker unions by mandating health that is minimum and your retirement packages for casino employees.

‘My plan is designed to protect Atlantic City from bankruptcy and position the city for future growth that is economic’ Sweeney stated.

Four gambling enterprises have already closed in Atlantic City this if the Trump Taj Mahal were to close, only seven would remain in the city year.

Yahoo Poker Coming Off US Market Amid Classic Game Elimination

Yahoo will remove poker as well as other games from its online collection on December 31. (Image:

Yahoo Poker will be removed the market at the end of the as Yahoo has announced that they will be eliminating a number of their older games at that time year. The move comes not long following a marketing that is strong for the game, one that prompted speculation that the Internet company may be looking to enter the world of real money online gambling.

‘As of December 31st, 2014, Yahoo Games will no longer offer the Yahoo Classic Games including Yahoo Poker, Yahoo Pool and Yahoo Bingo on internet or mobile products,’ read a statement on the main Yahoo Poker page. The info also reappeared in a message that is pop-up players once the game loaded.

Advertising Drive Suggested Big Plans for Poker

Yahoo Poker has been around in various forms for several years, dating back to at least the late 1990s. Nevertheless, the site just recently started getting a noticeable marketing push that made some wonder if the company had bigger plans for the Texas Hold’em game. In November, ads for the game started showing up on Yahoo’s dream football website pages, which will be a number of the company’s most effective ad room for attracting young male consumers, the exact same demographic usually targeted for online poker.

This version of Yahoo Poker shared much more in common with a game that is social any genuine cash poker site, however. Players could buy extra potato chips and a handful of other perks in the game, but there were no awards and no games were really played for money. But one or more analyst saw the advertising push being a sign that Yahoo might be looking to do more into the poker globe.

‘The brand new Yahoo Texas Hold’em portal could be effortlessly monetized if the appropriate environment were to become more favorable,’ wrote Marc Edelman, an Associate Professor of Law at the City University of New York’s Baruch College, in an item for Forbes. ‘It seems for now that Yahoo is certainly planning in advance for the potential day of widespread, legal online poker.’

That analysis may have now been a bit positive, as Yahoo has made no indication that they are moving towards offering money that is real poker or gambling anywhere in the world. Nonetheless it established speculation throughout the poker community, with a few players saying they might welcome a heavyweight that is new the world of Web gambling.

Yahoo Poker Could Return in Brand New Form

The announced shutdown, nonetheless, should put an end to speculation that is such at least for now. According to Yahoo, the move was made because many of their games that are classic now outdated. These games are now ‘incompatible, insecure and no longer functioning correctly. as the company’s websites now have greater security demands and make use of new supporting technologies’

Forbes also quoted an e-mail by Yahoo Games PR Manager Sean Hamel, which stated that the main reason the games were being dropped was ‘to streamline our item offerings and focus our energy and resources on developing for Yahoo’s core experiences.’

For many who will miss Yahoo’s poker game, there could be hope in the future. While no details are yet available, Yahoo has said that new games will be launched which may better meet their software and security requirements. It’s likely that these games will mostly accept the modern ‘free-to-play’ format that enables players to purchase in-game perks for real cash, a model known well to players of games like Farmville and Candy Crush.

Assemblyman Mike Gatto Wants California Online Poker Bill Passage in 2015

California Assemblyman Mike Gatto, sponsor of Bill AB 9, that will be yet another attempt to legalize poker that is online the Golden State. (Image: AP/Rich Pedroncelli)

A bill that is new seeks to legalize California internet poker in 2015 has been introduced by Assemblyman Mike Gatto this week. Bill AB 9, dubbed the ‘Internet Poker Consumer Protection Act of 2015,’ aims to ascertain a framework that is regulatory would permit the offering of on-line poker for players located physically within the state’s borders.

If passed, it would allow games to be ready to go within 180 days.

‘California has led the planet in internet and computer innovation, and there’s no reason that is good we can’t continue to lead having a sensible online-poker framework,’ announced Gatto. ‘AB 9 borrows from time-tested business practices which will improve our government finances and keep our money inside our house state.’

The bill adopts a lot of the language utilized by previously proposed legislation that have thus far foundered in California.

It limits potential licensees to current tribal operators and cardrooms, and pledges become tough on ‘bad actors,’ outlining the unwanted status of ‘any brand or business name, including any derivative brand name with the exact same or similar wording, or any trade or service mark, software, technology, operational system, customer information, or other data obtained, derived, or developed directly or indirectly from, or associated with, any procedure that has accepted a bet or engaged in an economic transaction related to that bet from any person in the United States on any style of Internet video gaming after December 31, 2006.’

Door Slightly Ajar

This language seems to preclude PokerStars’ entry to the market, however the bill also includes a clause stating that regulators can realize your desire to waive the application of the above paragraph provided that an operator’s ‘use of the covered assets associated with intrastate Web gaming will not adversely affect the integrity of, or undermine public confidence in, intrastate Internet poker or otherwise pose a threat to your public interest or towards the effective regulation and control of intrastate Internet poker. at first glance’

In other words: ‘We actually might let PokerStars in, but only whenever we feel like it,’ is the implied message. The home is far from wide open, but it really is slightly ajar.

The PokerStars question has been a huge sticking point that has prevented stakeholders from agreeing on the language of past bills, also it’s one of the reasons on-line poker hadsstalled in California into the past.

A big coalition of tribal operators is vehemently opposed to an online that is regulated space which may consist of PokerStars. On the other side of the coin, the Morongo Band of Mission Indians, allied with the largest poker clubs in the state, including the Commerce, the Bike and the Hawaiian Gardens, have signed an understanding with PokerStars to work together in a possible post-regulatory environment.

The San Manuel Band also recently defected to the PokerStars camp. Nonetheless, it might well be there is enough in the language of this bill to appease both camps.

Land-Based Sign-Ups Only

Another important aspect of the bill is the fact that players will be expected to generate accounts in individual at the poker web site’s affiliated land-based cardroom, a measure presumably designed to restrict underage play, but which might well stymie the development of the overall game in the state. But, Gatto is confident that this bill could finally make 2015 the that California gets fully legal, regulated, and taxed online poker year.

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